About Us

We are The Technology Library

From Tech disruption to Digital revolution, We are your new-age partner

The Technology Library is a global technology company headquartered in Singapore.We are an integrated IT consulting and solution provider preferred by a wide range of organizations that aspire to break the barriers of traditional technology solutions and move to the next level of value chain. We take pride in helping our clients leverage Smart Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Machine Learning to redefine the mobile and web experience of the end customer.We specialise in developing Business Intelligent Platforms through end to end web and mobile development, Embedded Analytics, Big Data enabled API frameworks.Our core team consists of bunch of entrepreneurial minds, expert software engineers, technology consultant and creative designers together working on creating impeccable customer experiences for the end users.

Mission & Vision

Create Value and not just solutions.

To bring ideas to life with technology and digital innovation that will be of immense value and benefit to the clients, partners,consumers and society at large. Making Technology simple, affordable and customer centric. To be the trustworthy partner and innovation pioneer for all the stakeholders.

The TTL Advantage

  • _Integrity
    Quality & Integrity

    We provide unmatched solutions and unsurpassed service that, together, deliver enhanced value for our clients. We uphold non compromising standards of integrity in all our actions.

  • team_work

    United we win, divided we fail!. The most important asset of our organisation is its people and we form the TTL family.

  • respect
    Mutual Respect

    We value each others’ opinions and encourage our peoples’ development and performance

  • Delivery_Commitment
    Delivery Commitment

    We develop relationships that create a positive value in our customer’s lives We take our job, personally! We are accountable for delivering on our client’s priorities.

  • A_Will_to_Excel
    A Will to Excel

    We exhibit a strong will to excel in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business

Our Process

How do we deliver awesome work?

As your strategic partners , we take pride in stepping into your shoes and taking personal accountability of your interests. . We only take the project if we are confident to add value to your business.We adopt a focussed “customer centric” approach to help the business visionaries attain the desired output through ideation, market analysis, product strategy, engineering, ongoing support and growth.

  • create_Account

    We begin with an NDA, discuss the concept and advise you about our processes, and find if we are the right partners for each other.

  • send_Request

    We analyze the requirements, idea and integrate it with the in-depth market study for further improvisations

  • track_Orders

    The tech lead on demand translates the business vision into wireframes and a tech development roadmap.: Agile Development (MVP)

  • download_Documents

    Once its live, the support and maintenance department takes its charge. Our growth mavens will dig into market, product and TG analysis to make your dream a well reckoned success!

  • download_Documents

    ongoing support and advice around maintenance, accounting, incorporation and hiring

Why Choose Us?

“Design Thinking” in whatever we do
  • strategic_partners
    Strategic Partners

    We are more than a technology company and readily provide strategic consultation. From the earliest starting point, and through the application's lifetime, we offer our help at each phase of your startup or venture.

  • Flexible_Engagement_Models
    Flexible Engagement Models

    Fixed price projects, time and material projects, developers for hire, dedicated dev team, tech consulting, CTO as a service, onsite extended team, offsite extended team.

  • UX
    Building Experiences through UI/UX

    We believe in creating experiences than just products or software. We enhance it further with strong market analytics that have long lasting impact and value.

  • Agile_Experts
    Agile Experts

    With a strong development team consisting of Full stack engineers, testers, UI/UX experts, Tech Architects, Project Managers and Scrum Masters, we strive to deliver the right business outcomes faster than our competitors.

  • Integrated_launch_strategy
    Integrated launch strategy

    The product without an efficient launch strategy is a half-won battle, we accelerate success with an integrated launch plan on digital media.

Our Services


Product Development

  • Mobile Applications
  • Web Applications
  • Enterprise solutions
  • Open Source/API solutions
  • Third party API integrations
  • AI solutions
  • AR and VR solutions

Quality as a Service

  • Quality Advisory Services
    • Test Strategy Definition
    • Test Process Consulting
    • Test Automation Consulting
    • Performance Test Consulting
    • Structural Code Assessment
    • Transition to Managed Services
  • Quality “hands on” services
    • Functional Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Usability and Accessibility Testing
    • Test Automation
    • Static Testing
    • Infrastructure Testing
    • Data Warehouse Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Structural Code Evaluation
  • Quality Management Services
    • Test Environment Management
    • Test Data Management
    • Test Release Management

Strategic Consulting and Hiring

  • Experts for hire: leverage our experts to benefit from their experience.
    • Design Architects
    • Database Architects
    • Program Management
    • Data Management
  • Resources for Hire: Let us hunt and hire the right candidates for you. Choose from various and flexible engagement models
    • iOS developers
    • Android developers
    • API/Web developers
    • UX/UI developers
    • UX/UI designers
    • Testers
  • Extended CTO or Hire a CTO
    • Equity or Salary based CTO
    • Advisor for your CTO

Growth Marketing and Positioning

  • Branding Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • SMS/Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Startup Enablement and Acceleration

  • Ideation and Market Research
  • Business Case and Fundraising
  • MVP proposition
  • Solution Design and Development
  • Marketing and Launch
  • Ongoing Advisory and Support
  • Incubation and Acceleration

Tech Investment

  • Tech equity model
  • Sweat equity model
  • Advisory Equity Model

Our Expertise

Immersive Experience

Augmented Reality

Bring your project concepts to life with interactive, digitally enhanced environments

  • Location Based
    • The app gets the location of the device and triggers an action based on it.
    • Provide data about the site, suggest nearby businesses, help you get directions, name the constellation above you in the sky
  • Image / Marker Based
    • The device uses the camera to recognize the image/object from the real world.
    • Calculates its position and orientation to augment the reality.
    • The AR engine recognizes a particular pattern and overlays a digital image at that point on the screen.

Technology Stack

  • Aumented_Reality1
  • Aumented_Reality2
  • Aumented_Reality3
  • Aumented_Reality4
  • Aumented_Reality5

Virtual Reality

Let your audience engross into the reality of the virtual world with our immersive, semi immersive and non immersive virtual reality solutions

    • Gamification
    • Simulation
    • Entertainment
    • Learning and Simulation

Technology Stack

  • Virtual_Reality1
  • Virtual_Reality2
  • Virtual_Reality3
  • Virtual_Reality4
  • Virtual_Reality5
  • Virtual_Reality6

Robust and Responsive

We develop robust and responsive websites, with secure APIs and SEO optimization.

  • ECommerce platforms We offer a broad range of e-Commerce web solutions infusing knowledge acquired from industry experts. We adopt a unique development methodology by focusing on intuitive UI concepts, theme development, plugin and module development for e-Commerce. We are also experienced with third party solutions like Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, CS Cart, BigCommerce, Virto Commerce, and WooCommerce
  • Enterprise and CMS websites Get the advantage of a web app tailored exactly to the way your business works. Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy platform or streamline existing front-end functionality, we will walk with you to accomplish it efficiently and cost-effectively. We can also assist you to build responsive CMS websites that are platform independent and flawlessly viewable on all devices namely smartphones, tablets, PCs, and notebooks. The best part.. We can help you rebrand your business with a new face and presence in the market.
  • Open source Development We advocate and expertise in “API-First” development approach in which we offer to build scalable and secure APIs for your business, first and later build the product on top of it. “API-First” development approach promotes quick time to market, reduces effort and enables quicker “test and learn” cycles. The best pat… your APIs can also be used as the foundation for other businesses to build their platform.
  • Hosting You don’t have to worry about housing and maintaining your online and digital presence. We provide tailored website hosting and maintenance services specifically design for your business maturity and audience.

Technology Stack

  • tech_stack1
  • tech_stack2
  • tech_stack3
  • tech_stack4
  • tech_stack5
  • tech_stack6
  • tech_stack7
  • tech_stack8
  • tech_stack9
  • tech_stack10
  • tech_stack11
  • tech_stack12
  • tech_stack13
  • tech_stack14
  • tech_stack15

Native Mobile App

From prototyping to designing and development. App store release, marketing and maintenance we have it all inhouse.

  • Native Mobile App Solutioning Native is never obsolete! We can build top class native Android and iOS mobile apps to reap the best device compliance, user experience, and hardware specific features.
  • Hybrid Mobile App Solutioning Hybrid has numerous possibilities! Cross-platform mobile apps offer rapid development and effective cost reduction. We are here to help if you are looking for an enterprise-to-consumer app in a lilliput budget.
  • API Development No Brain No Gain! We help you leverage the simplicity and performance offered by RESTful APIs, the central nervous system of your apps. REST is used commonly in mobile apps, social networking, and automated business processes.
  • Backend for Mobile Apps We are expert in scalable MBaaS solutions. Cloud backend systems increase delivery performance and reduce deployment time from hours to minutes, enabling faster innovation and reduced product development cycles thus lowering overall development cost
  • App Prototype and Strategy If you advocate “seeing is believing” then we couldn’t agree more. We can help you build a prototype of your business idea so that you can see it before you invest time and money. We can further assist in defining and designing an effective development and launch strategy , thus mitigating the risk of the unknowns.
  • UI/UX designing We believe in building “experiences and memories” than just constructing skeletons or wireframes. If you business does not look good the chances are that it’ll not set good. We house certified artists and designers that not only build intuitive User Interfaces, but also define end to end customer journeys and experiences.
  • Mobile Application Testing We help streamline and strategize your QA processes with top efficiency. Backed by our expert team with a strong legacy in testing, we have in-depth knowledge of SDLC and follow latest testing methodologies.

Technology Stack

  • Mobile1
  • Mobile2
  • Mobile3
  • Mobile4
  • Mobile5
  • Mobile6
  • Mobile7
  • Mobile8
  • Mobile9
  • Mobile10

Customized Services

Leverage the innumerable benefits of cloud with customized infrastructure in sync with your requirements

  • Consulting We offer customized services for clients who wish to migrate their business technology to the latest cloud based platforms.
  • Development We develop turnkey cloud solutions while addressing critical considerations of performance, scalability, and security.
  • Infrastructure Services We “live on the cloud” together with you ; helping our clients in building and managing a cloud infrastructure using their choice of innovative cloud services.
  • Cloud Management and Optimization We support our clients in gaining control, reduce complexity, and demonstrate cost savings with cloud based services and solutions

Technology Stack

  • cloud_1
  • cloud_2
  • cloud_3

Digital Marketing

  • Branding Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Reputation Management
  • SMS/Email Marketing
  • Influencer Marketing

Machine Learning and Statistical Algorithms

We build solutions that can help organizations benefit on the transformational potential of Big Data and derive actionable insights from the large voluminous data turned into statistics.

  • Predictive Analysis Using the power of machine learning and statistical algorithms to study data and identify the likelihood of future outcomes to make predictions based on that.
  • Data Mining Analyzing text data from the web, books, comments, social media using ML and natural language processing technologies to uncover hidden patterns.
  • Data Management Helping businesses in establishing a repeatable process to maintain high-quality well-governed organized data before it can be reliably analyzed.
  • Fraud Detection Helping organizations prevent crimes such as banking, insurance & government frauds that inflict financial losses and destroy customer confidence.

Configuring the smart bots

We develop and configure the smart bots for data mining, natural language processing, image recognition, and expert systems

  • Chat Bot Build AI powered chatbots that could recognize text patterns and keywords to respond to user queries automatically.
  • Anomaly DetectionUsing data analyzing algorithms to detect unusual patterns in the system and to block them
  • Optical Character Recognition Read characters from images and pictures and analyze, tabulate and store the data automatically.
  • Image Tagging Identify individual faces and specified objects from a photo by studying past photos that are tagged manually.
  • Adaptive Websites Studying usage patterns on websites and adapting structure, content, and presentation for optimized use in future

Technology Stack

  • machine_1
  • machine_2
  • machine_3
  • machine_4
  • machine_5
  • machine_6

IoT Development Services

Harness the power of connected world with our IoT development services

  • Home Automation Majority of IoT solutions focus on on home automation and players like Google, Apple, and Amazon, are already in the battle for living room domination. At TTL we have assisted clients in developing platforms to automate home lighting, heating, water and power management seamlessly through IoT.
  • Wearables Sci-Fi is the next big thing and wearables are here to transform the day. Watches are more than to tell time and so are glasses to see. We help you build connected wearables that could integrate with your smartphones and appliances to remotely manage and track activities
  • Automotive IoT promises infinite possibilities in transportation, safety, parking, onboard diagnostics, assisted driving, connected vehicles, fleet management and remote vehicle diagnostics. Our striving young pool of achievers are on it to build the next big thing in vehicle telematics and automotive IoT
  • Retail IoT offers immersive techniques in Retail Industry in Asset Tracking, Inventory Management, Order Compliance, Smart Shelves, Delivery Operations, Warehouse Automation and PoS. We have implemented hardware integrations using beacons, NFC, RFID, Smart tags, saving millions in retail.
  • Healthcare Our IoT development helps efficient patient monitoring and healthcare provision. Automated clinical workflows improve patient treatment, reduce manual errors, and enhances the patient experience. IoT also aids remote monitoring and assistance in medical emergencies.

Technology Stack

  • IOT1
  • IOT2
  • IOT3
  • IOT4
  • IOT5
  • IOT6
  • IOT7
  • IOT8